Spindle Know-How


As a stator (also: stand, from Latin stare = to stand still) is the fixed, immova­ble part of a device espe­cially if there is also a rotor present. For example, in an electric motora gene­ra­tor, a hydrau­lic motor or a pump – in contrast to the moving part, the rotor (rota­ting in the conven­tio­nal manner) or the trans­la­tor of the linear motor.

Electri­cal device

The stator is often also the housing and in the case of electric motors and gene­ra­tors, with the excep­tion of DC machi­nes, always consists of “lami­na­ted steel“. It serves as a common core for the induc­tion coils. In contrast to this, the bell-type arma­ture motor and the Ferra­ris rotor motor, the stator is parti­ally loca­ted within the hollow anchors. In the case of the exter­nal rotor motor, the stator is loca­ted comple­tely within the rotor.

Source: German Wiki­pe­dia

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