Our Range of Services

The spindle as the “core compo­nent” is the most important element of the machi­ning center as well as the CNC, milling, grin­ding, turning or dril­ling machine.

If the spindle fails, this usually means the fail­ure of the entire machine and produc­tion stands still.

This is where we come in to get the produc­tion going again, as quickly as possi­ble, inex­pen­si­vely and with excel­lent quality.
Since spindle repair is only one part of our compre­hen­sive main­ten­ance and repair work, you will find an over­view of our exten­sive range of services here.

Spindle service & spindle repair
System solu­ti­ons for spindles
Spindle system optimization
Sale of spind­les on request
Spindle modi­fi­ca­ti­ons
Vibra­tion analyses
Main­ten­ance contracts
Consul­ting service
Fail­ure analyses
Drive with synchro­nous and asyn­chro­nous motors, belt drive and gear drive
Drive with belt drive and gear drive
Spindle drive up to 180,000min‑1
Rewor­king of HSK and SK tapers
Rewor­king of bearing seats
Exchange of rotary encoders
Exchange of clam­ping sets and clam­ping systems
Main­ten­ance trainings
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